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    Smart Series
    16 SEER and 20 SEER
    Good design Award
    Easy Install / Maintenance / Service
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    Multi Mix
    -22F Operation

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    18K BTU - 48K BTU 1 to 1 Capacities
    Light Commercial

    Smart Zone Control
    Cassette / Duct-type / Floor-Ceiling

Welcome to Willis

We truly care about our customers and our product

At Willis, we strive to be the best in the business; and in the air conditioning business you can't aspire to being the greatest without a rigorous management system over who installs your systems and how. Our market knowledge allows us to select, train, retain, support and monitor the most professional installers in every area where we operate. Some of our competitors will invest vast amounts in marketing promotions to increase brand awareness through radio, TV... At Willis we prefer investing more in training, assistance, after-sales support, performance monitoring and warranties. Our labour warranty is second-to-none and it is the result of a fully integrated process that allows us to have the most reliable systems and the most professional installers.


Excellence and innovation

Every Willis system is designed to be the best in its class. Only first class materials are used throughout the manufacturing of a Willis system. A strict quality control is in place to insure the premium quality of all Willis units. From engineering to after sales support our team of professionals strive to deliver customer satisfaction. Through our commitment to excellence we have developed partnerships of qualified installers. These exclusive partnerships allow us to train, support and monitor our installations to ensure the best consumer experience in every region where we operate. Our warranties are a testament to our quality innovations and our fully integrated process.

Service and support

We believe that the best way to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers is by offering the greatest service and support to our installers network. This way, they will systematically propose optimal solutions and complete installations with unmatched professionalism. We have developed all the necessary tools to provide the best after-sales and service support.

Best warranties

At Willis, we take great pride in having the best warranties on the market. Our vertically integrated quality control is the main reason why we are the only ones offering long term labour warranty. Our commitment to excellence makes us work harder to select, train, support and monitor the most professional installers in every region where we operate. Our unique management system on the selection of raw materials,technology advancements, production and assembly, market distribution, installations and after-sales service renders our long term labour-part-compressor warranty unbeatable.